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Price: $29.95

Colop Printer 15 Custom Stamp

Self Inking Custom Rubber Stamp

Sometimes you only need to write your name or company name in a single line. Notaries use this for commission expiration dates when law requires it to be a separate stamp

In this case the Colop Printer 15 is the ideal choice, it fits a long line of large text.

  • Single Line long company names
  • Cheque endorsement stamps
  • URL or website addresses
  • Single line warning or package phrases
Trodat Printy 4916 Imprint Sample Trodat Printy 4916 Imprint Size

Replacement Text Plate for Colop Printer 15

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Replacement Text PlateMoved, married? Need to update your stamp, just change the textplate on your stamp. Re-use your existing stamp and make it just like new by ordering a replacement text plate. If you have an old stamp that has had the old plate image seated on the ink-pad for longer than a few days, YOU WILL NEED A NEW INK PAD. The image of the plate gets embossed in the ink-pad and makes the new one impossible to use with the old pad. Order a replacement Custom plate + Ink-pad.

Replacement Ink Cartridge for Colop Printer 15 (E/15)

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Ink Pad Sample Color


Colop Printer

Colop Printer 15 Custom Self-Inking Stamp

Colop Printer 15
Self-Inking Stamp

Plate Size:
70 x 10 mm
2 3/4 x 1/4 inch
one to 2 lines of text


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